Latin Translations

latin  instrumental  fusion 

Latin Translations
...if immersion in Jazz floats you, Rock gets you off the chair and Latin moves your feet, try reaching your inner stardust on these vibes

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Liner Notes

Some people say music and math have similarities, and beyond the theoretical concept of Platon and Phytagoras about the Universe being informed by The Music of The Spheres with mathematical precision, some time ago a physician named Helmholtz showed that musical notes harmonise best when their frequency ratios are in simple fractions, and the simpler the numbers the better they sound together (2/3 better than 3/4 better than 4/5). More to this day the creator of Melodyne recording software (P. Neubacker) built on the same fundamental idea to develop real-time pitch correction.
With this in mind I tried to express a musical idea with a blend of just two instruments over percussion, and tried to transmit through notes and rhythm a certain feeling or mood. If it felt good then I would listen again a few more times over the next few days and if I could get the same feeling then I knew I had something good.

The practical approach to achieve this was trying to play harmony and rhythm on each instrument independently and at the same time and also express the same musical idea as completely as possible on each instrument. Then if the sound of the two instruments matched I knew right away that it was more than the sum of the individual notes and it felt like when tuning 2 guitar strings matched and reached resonance, only the resonance was not in the instrument but in the brain. It's a similar feeling that a conductor of an orchestra has or when somebody says that s/he "digs" the music.

All songs on this album were recorded with only bass and guitar over percussion and have just three tracks.


Felician & Gracious Inspirations


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