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raw music for refined souls


Felician S


...from loving music to making music, such a long trip :)
...many, many years ago (a century and millenia ago) a teenager started playing guitar and joined a band with friends (of course it's me; I was around 14), then took a break to go to med school, joined another band , took a much longer break, reunited with first band after more than 20 years and finally recorded some songs, which we always wanted. Playing in a band is a wonderful thing in itself; those moments when you find yourself in harmony and synchronised rhythm with your bandmates are priceless; however growing into mature adults with families and careers in different cities made it very difficult to carry on. Somehow though we found the silver lining in this stormcloud and started to write and record solo songs. In my case adding new companions to my 30-year old Gibson Les Paul knockout I used as teenager helped a great deal. A new electric guitar, bass and (Yamaha, Ibanez and Yamaha) helped me find new nuances and expressiveness and so I wrote my first songs and recorded them. After using the organ for the first couple songs I came to the conclusion that it may be better to stick to the basic drums/bass/guitar formula. Technical abilities aside (let's just not mention the sound of famous trios like The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream), I've found that it's easier to combine the bass and guitar into a harmonious and synchronous sound. Simply laying a bass track on top of percussion or metronome and then playing guitar on top of it allowed me to instantly know when the sound was right, when it "clicked" into a melody. It is a feeling similar to what you get when tuning a guitar and the vibrations match; when the bass and the guitar go along well, then I felt it right away and recorded it (sometimes after tens of tries). Finally, if listening to the song the next days reenacted the feeling, I knew I had a good thing going which I could share. That's about it; I hope the music finds your wavelength!


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